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Such Sweet Words from Wonderful Clients


As an endurance athlete training for a full Ironman race this summer, I needed someone with a deep knowledge of sports massage, and Sandy more than fulfilled that need. I met Sandy after a particularly hard day, but truly helping to relieve my pain. Over many months of training, I visited Sandy regularly for help, and she always delivered results. She is extremely well versed on the body, and actually taught me quite a lot about muscles, tendons, and how to keep things running smoothly by rolling the pieces "back into place". In fact, I'd say she has just as much knowledge as my physical therapist, with better hands! After my last massage with her, I not only PR'd at the Olympic distance triathlon, I stood on the podium for the first time. I thank Sandy in part for my success. MPrace, when I was in acute pain. She was the only massage therapist in the Montgomery area who would work with me on very short notice, and I am forever grateful to her for not only being so kind as to squeeze me in that


Tennis Elbow Relief-Chelsea was so gentle w my elbow and I was nauseous when she started it was so bad. It was so much better when she got thru and the next day, totally gone Thanks Marianne W


Absolutely LOVE my lashes that Jennifer did!!! She has an amazing talent and I am so happy I made the decision to go to her. She is SO kind and has a great personality, so I was comfortable right away! The application process was a breeze, all I had to do is lay there and relax! I recommend her to everyone, can't wait to get a facial from her one day!! Thank
Jennifer!!! JB


Sandy is very attentive and makes a special effort to make you feel better. She really cares about getting you back to a better quality of life and that means a lot. She loves studying new techniques and stays updated on all the latest information that will benefit her clients. It's great to have her as a therapist!!! RV



Wow! It Hurts! But the results are worth it. I usually can traverse my "boardwalk" in 24/25 steps. After Thursday's massage I did it in 21---that is huge! Eddie P.  [note from Sandy:  Sometimes when working with major issues, pain can be involved, however, it is up to the client to communicate with the therapist.  Like I always say, if you have to hold your breath or cringe, you need to tell me to let up.  So excited to see the amazing results we are having with this particular client!] 


I always get a good massage from Sandy. DC


 Jen is an amazing lash artist!! I have been getting lash extensions for almost a year now, and I'm in love!!! I highly recommend her!! 
She also does spray tans, and I must say they're the best around. The color is just beautiful and long-lasting {even at the beach}. 
 Jen and her work are definitely 5-star! 
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ �❗️


Sandy and Chelsea are ****AMAZING****!!!!! They are so good that I wish I could fly them up to my new home in Missouri just for a massage! They are attentive to your needs and wants and make sure you leave feeling like a million bucks! They restore your body, mind and soul and I can't possibly say enough good things about them. You'd be crazy not to go and see them right away! :) AP


I have been very pleased with the services provided by ms.cauthen. she addressed a problem with my stance that had either been ignored or not noticed by doctors and physical therapists which is remarkable.  sandy was very considerate of my pain level and was consistent concerned about my comfort. thank you sandy. RB


Wonderful Experience! I was able to make an appointment with Chelsea same day! I was extremely grateful because I was about to take the NCLEX a few days later and the studying was causing extreme anxiety and sleeping problems. I left a new woman! RNChelsea hands were magic. She was immediately able to calm my mind and release tension that I didn't even know I had been carrying around in my neck and back. Chelsea was very in tune with her work and located EVERY spot that needed work. I cannot wait to go back and have her work on those spots some more. Oh - and I passed the NCLEX RN and I have every reason to believe she helped me accomplish that! I highly recommend Chelsea! A.Buster


Jen is absolutely the best there is! Now that I have extensions, I never want to live without them! Many days I don't even wear eye makeup - I don't need it anymore because the lashes are so fantastic! No more false eyelash strips - she has given me the eyelashes I have always wanted! Stephanie H


I was running late and needed to change my
massage to 30 min and Sandy was very accommodating. She actually was able to do a TMJ/Face/Neck massage which was EXACTLY what I needed. I walked out of there feeling like a brand new person after only 30 min. Thanks Sandy! April P.


The atmosphere was excellent and made me easily relax. Chelsea was amazing and was able to help me with some pain management. Edward N. 



All the medicine in the world could not make you feel better than an hour with Sandy! She is fantastic! Her healing powers are amazing!! She has the magic touch!!! And is kind and sincere!!!! I thank God for placing Sandy in my life!

Carol W 


Jennifer is such a professional! She makes her clients feel right at home as soon as the come through the door. She does a wonderful job working with the client to ensure they get exactly what they want from their lashes. 
 I have short light lashes naturally and Jennifer does an amazing job making my lashes look totally amazing. CM


Sandy does a great job and after my [T.A.T.] session I felt a tremendous relief. Rudie


Chelsea has amazing skills and knowledge of dissolving problem areas! I know from first hand experience she gets that from her mother. Anonymous


The atmosphere of Sandy's "new" spot is peaceful and serene. That matches what happens with my full body massage. I have scheduled an appt to learn how to manage my anxiety, and I can't wait. Sandy is so well-qualified in her areas of expertise. I am always completely at ease there. Susan C.


In love with my lashes!! Nobody can tell they're extensions, I've had no complications & even the application process was relaxing! PB


She was able to get me on the same day did a good job. Juanita P.


Sandy has the magic touch. She relieves the neck pain and instructs me on what to do to keep it from hurting. Can hardly wait for my next appt. Carrie H.


I drove from Selma to prattville and it was worth it! She is veeeery friendly and it felt as if I knew her for a long time! The lashes are very comfortable and pretty and feels like nothing is there! I will be returning ☺️☺️ it's worth every penny. If you are from Selma, tell her SHACLYYA referred you! �


Feel 100% better. Thank you so much Susan M 


Reiki~Thank you for your part in my MIRACULOUS day, Sandy! Geina T


Great massage!!! Looking forward to my next one. Beverly H 


Very relaxing atmosphere. Warm, genuine and caring service. I will definitely return! Jeri Ann J 


They [lashes] are beautiful. I feel glamorous from the moment I wake:) EWA


Awesome. Sandy really cares for clients and is the best massage therapist I've ever had. Lillian D


Clean office space, very professional, extremely dependable! Susan D 


Sandy is the best I have every been to. She knows how to work on the hard parts and makes the time so worthwhile. Thanks for such a great job!! Wanda F 


Thank you for a wonderful first-time massage experience. I had no idea what to expect; however, you took the time to explain everything. I felt welcomed and pampered the entire time!  I especially appreciate that you encouraged me to communicate with you during my massage.  I felt that my needs were top priority and you were there to make sure my experience was fantastic. Thank you for taking care of me and for introducing me to the powerful and therapeutic benefits of massage! I will be sure to recommend you to my friends and family! Donna J


Jen is absolutely tops! She consistently delivers! DB


My wife and I had a wonderful experience with a couples massage lesson. My wife wanted me to learn some basic techniques that I could use at home. Like most guys, I thought it was just a little shoulder or back rubbing that really counts. The demonstration was hands on with Sandy showing me and then watching me to make sure I had it correct before moving on. It really opened my eyes and showed me techniques and pressure points that I would have never known on my own. My wife loved the experience, and now I have a few more tools in my bag of tricks to make her happy and feel special. Jeff L.